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The "Vikora" horse riding club offers attractive entertainment and a pleasant vacation in the area of ​​Bansko. Only 6 km away from the pretty village of Banya is the club base. Club Vichora is pleased to offer a place where people can have fun with their horses. Horse riding, training, horse riding, familiarizing with the wonderful world of horses in their natural environment, among beautiful places. Deciduous forests, lakes, fields and mountains represent the beauty of Bulgarian nature. An attractive attraction in which you will learn more about the different eeds of horses, their lifestyle and nature. We wish you to feel the feeling of a dream come true. Give your friends an unforgettable walk with a horse among nature. Escape from the busy, everyday life. Charge yourself with many positive emotions and experiences that will leave long lasting memories.  
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Few know the advantages of horse riding. After swimming, this is the sport that develops the most complex muscular groups in the human body. Riding extremely well trains the spine because of the posture of the rider-standing stand for long periods of time on the back of the horse.

When the horse runs, the backbone of the rider moves so long spinal muscles are stimulated to develop much more properly than other sports or in the gym.

In a number of countries, horseback rides are recommended even for medical purposes - proven to reduce stress, relieve tension and put the practitioner in an environment where it is necessary to continuously improve his balance and coordination. This activity is a fun way to exercise body and mind.

The VICORA Horse Riding Center offers several services such as walking or non-attendant walks, which can last for several minutes for a walk in the paddock, up to a few days for a mountain pass.